Round Rock Symphony Mission

The Round Rock Symphony is committed to enriching the quality of life in the greater Round Rock community by building on our foundation of artistic and educational excellence. We are passionate about music and are united in our desire to be a vigorous part of the cultural fabric of our community. We embrace our responsibility to serve and expand our audience through creative programming, broader venues, and increased educational opportunities while balancing artistic growth with financial soundness.

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Round Rock Symphony Board & Staff | 2017-2018

Charlotte Barbini, President
Julio Palacios, Vice-President
Judy McLeod, Secretary
Jay Ridgley, Treasurer

Stefan Sanders, Music Director
Brett Kroening, Executive Director
Sean Dacy, Music Librarian, Administrative Assistant

  • Martha Ruth Chavez
  • Doretta Conrad
  • David Jennison
  • Richard Parson
  • Brenda Rhea
  • Marinda Stewart

Toby Blumenthal-Phillips (Advisory)
Tim Laughlin (Advisory)                                          Beverly Mintz (Advisory)
Sharon Owens (Advisory)

The Round Rock Symphony, Inc., operates as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our board is proudly made up of business and community leaders from the wider Round Rock Community who donate their precious time with a strong commitment to preserve and foster the artistic life of the Central Texas region. If you have questions about or for our board or you would like to take part in our artistic mission, please contact us.